PULSING - The Raw Force of Music  

PULSING The Raw Force of Music
Experience the Raw Force of Music
A musical journey of no boundaries & expectations


Breath, Listen & Sing

Omer Gonen-Haela Voice, Guitar & Flute
Elyasaf Bashari Bass, Oud & Voice
Elad Ne’emman Percussion & Voice
Audience Rhythm & Voice

In the old days music was a major part of each culture allowing people to move beyond their daily life’s, and experience oneness and togetherness.
Music was a way to communicate, to express feelings, celebrate the rites of life, alter states of consciousness and to effectuate healing, until many years ago music moved away from us, and became restricted to professional musicians and stages.
And after that came headphones and MP3’s allowing us to isolate ourselves with sounds.

PULSING was created out of a yearning for the nourishing space where people gathered to listen to the sounds of nature, where a basic pulse emerges like a heartbeat taking over the body and mind, and to breath in tune to the rhythmic melody of the moment, taking the mind on a journey beyond intellectual understanding, filling the body with new, refreshing energy.


We invite you to BREATH, LISTEN & SING
at this musical journey of no boundaries & expectations
and experience the raw force of music.